Kv.Arken (Kvarteret Arken)  was formed during 2017. The Swedish word "Arken" means  the arc - as in Noas' ark . This is also the name of the neighbourhood  where they live and move about in Malmö, Sweden.

Their debut at the Sweish Klezmer Queens festival in Gothenburg and Stockholm was extremely well recieved.  

All three continously write and arrange their own music in many different projects and together they fill their arc with original tunes aswell as traditional klezmer thouroughly arranged to fit their setting. They have a gusto for the melancholic, the dreamy, the intimate but can also play slap-bang to dance.


Annika Jessen has played the clarinet for 40 years and klezmer on and off for the last 20. She is the front figure in Swedish klezmer band Tummel who has released several critically acclaimed albums.

Elina Nygren (viola) is a steady member of string quartet  Vindla and the experimental pop band Cure-a-phobia. Both constellations have acieved great success in Sweden and abroad.

Anna Thorstensson (cello) plays everything from baroque to rock and is a diligently  touring musician with Louisa Lyne & di jiddishe Kapelye, The Giovanni quartet, the duo,Panacotta and quartet Sixteen Strings.